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Plastic Waste Management Halesowen

Halesowen Waste company is a trusted waste management company in Halesowen and much of the Midlands that manages all kinds of waste including plastic waste. We have all the expertise to manage your waste in an eco-friendly manner and effectively. You can call us at 0121 369 2150 to learn more. 

We pride ourselves in providing environmentally friendly waste solutions. We also strive for zero landfill waste which means we divert all of the waste we collect from ending up in landfills. We promote sustainability through our waste management solutions. We will also provide you with free bins, free bin delivery and anytime waste collections. If innovative, eco-friendly and efficient plastic waste management solutions are what you’re looking for, then you have come to the right place.

What is Plastic Waste Management?

Plastic waste management is the steps taken to ensure that we reduce the plastic waste we create, recycle all plastic we’ve created or re-use it. This is done through different waste management solutions such as plastic recycling, plastic reuse or finding innovative and sustainable ways of packaging our products.

Plastic use and its effect on the environment have been heightened by the Covid pandemic issue. Use of disposable goods such as plastic went up exponentially while disposal services dwindled, causing most people to dispose of their plastic garbage in landscapes and landfills.

Plastic offers us convenience and it is lightweight and durable. However, its disposable nature has led us into treating it like a commodity, with no second thought as to the environmental impacts throwing it away casually might cause.  As a result, plastic waste has become such a major issue when it comes to pollution.We see its effects  in our oceans, rivers and dams, in our landfills, our streets. Everyday, millions of aquatic life die due to plastic pollution. So, to combat this adverse pollution and put things back to where they were, businesses need to have plastic waste management practises in place with the help of plastic waste management companies like Halesowen. That is how we will be able to control plastic waste pollution. 

Plastic Waste Recycling

Recycling plastic might be the best way to combat the plastic pollution the world seems to be plagued with. Recycling is also how we aim for a circular economy. Below is the process of plastic recycling:  

The first step is the collection of the plastic waste from your premises. Having plastic waste recycling wheelie bins will help you separate the plastic waste from other waste such as food, paper, cardboard etc. At Halesowen Waste, we can provide your business with free plastic waste recycling wheelie and deliver them for free.

After collection, we will then transport your waste to our recycling plants where it will begin the second half of recycling. At the recycling centres, the plastic waste is sorted to make sure all the contaminants such as food, oil, papers are removed.

Lastly, the plastic will be shredded and then melted to create new plastic products. 

Plastic Waste That cannot be Recycled

Plastic is one of the most recycled materials. However, this fact may not be so apparent due to the fact not all plastics are recyclable. These non-recyclable plastics may be too difficult and expensive to recycle. These plastics are known as PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene), and LDPE (Low-density polyethylene). Their examples are takeout food containers, lunch boxes, foam hot drink cups, plastic cutlery, garbage bins, and bags. Bottle caps are also not recyclable as well as soled plastic bottles and bags. That is why it is important to always store your recyclable plastic separate from other waste materials to avoid contamination as that may render the plastic unrecyclable.

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