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Nearly all kinds of paper are recyclable. At Halesowen waste recycling, we strive to divert all waste, including paper waste form ending up on our landscapes and landfills. If you are looking for a reliable and eco-friendly waste company to handle your business’s paper waste management, Halesowen Waste company is your answer.  Our paper waste management solutions come with fee bins, free bin deliveries, excellent customer service and anytime anywhere waste collection. Want to find out how much paper recycling with us would cost you? Call us on 0121 369 2150 for an obligation free quote.

What is Paper Waste Management?

Paper waste management includes the elimination of paper waste production by either  reducing the waste produced, recycling or reusing to ease the impact paper waste has in our lands. Paper waste is not biodegradable. This poses a problem for our ecosystems because it can take years and years to break down and in the process, it emits harmful gases into the atmosphere that can worsen the impact of global warming such as methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. At Halesowen Waste, we are able to recycle all kinds of paper, including shredded paper which is usually paper containing confidential information. However, shredded paper needs to be stored separately from solid paper. 

We can provide you with free bins to keep your paper waste stored in so that it is kept dry and separate from other waste such as food, plastic, etc.

We are the number one waste collection company in Halesowen. Our services extend beyond just providing waste management solutions, we also help you uphold your obligation to your Duty of Care. 

Paper Waste Recycling

As we have already mentioned one of the best ways to manage your paper waste is through recycling. So, what exactly is paper waste recycling? Paper recycling is the method by which paper waste is taken to recycling centres where it  will be reprocessed to create new paper materials such as newspapers, new office papers, or cardboard material.

The paper waste recycling process is made of five steps, namely, collection and transportation, sorting, pulping, de-inking and new paper making. Let’s go through them individually:

Collection and Transportation

We will collect the waste at your premises at any given time that you prefer. Either be weekly, daily, monthly, and at any time of the day including the night if that is what you prefer. We will then transport the paper waste to one of our recycling centres. 


At the recycling centre, the papers are sorted according to their different paper categories, such as cardboard, newspapers, newsprint, magazine paper, and computer paper as well as their paper grades. This is where we also remove any impurities such as staples, plastics, and plasters from the paper waste. This also helps remove any and all of the impurities and contaminated paper.


This is a third stage where the waste will then be mixed with water and some chemicals to create what is known as pulping. Pulp is a mixture of paper fibers and water and is used as a basis of manufacturing for all paper products. 


De-inking is a process whereby the pulp is purified to remove any ink or discoloration in the papers by bleaching. This is to make the paper whiter because the pulping process may have caused the paper to have a weird color. For papers that require colour, colourants will be added instead of bleach. Then the pulp will be spread onto conveyor belts to dry and then be sent to manufacturing plants where it can be made to whatever type of paper is needed.  

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