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Medical Waste Halesowen

Medical waste, also known as biomedical waste, biohazardous waste or infectious waste is a necessary evil. Due to the Covid pandemic, Medical waste increased rapidly and so did the need for proper medical waste management. Improper management of medical waste during this time would have dire consequences. That is why, as a healthcare services provider you are required to have a licensed and certified waste company handling your medical waste such as us here at Halesowen.

We are a licensed and certified medical waste services provider in Halesowen and all around the Midlands and surrounding areas. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have the expertise and the experience needed for medical waste management. 

To learn more, call us on 0121 369 2150. 

On top of an immeasurable and excellent service we provide, we will also provide you with free sharps bins, delivered to your premises for free. 

What is Medical Waste Management?

Medical waste is made up of all types of wastes generated in healthcare industries such as research centers, medical laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, old age homes, and so on and so forth. According to medical waste statistics, 75–90% of wastes generated by healthcare service providers are defined as general wastes. This type of waste is regarded as “non-hazardous” or “general healthcare” wastes. That is because this type of waste does not pose any physical, chemical, biological or radioactive danger to our health or that of our animals. This waste, even though it is generated from healthcare, comes from the administrative, catering, cleaning services of healthcare institutions. The remaining portion of 10–25% is called “hazardous” wastes. WHO categorises these as either pathological waste, infectious waste, sharps waste, radioactive waste, chemical waste, cytotoxic waste and pharmaceutical waste.

All of these wastes are governed by strict regulations, rules and regulations, by-laws and legislation. They’re set in place to avoid mismanaging medical waste. Doing so may lead to heavy fines, closure of your business, and even imprisonment. If you aren’t sure what medical  mismanagement waste looks like, contact us for more details and we’ll be glad to assist with any questions you may have. Continue reading to learn more about what proper medical waste solutions look like.

Best Practises for Medical Waste Management Halesowen

As a business, you surely have a lot of other business to deal with. You do not need the added stress of dealing with waste management. Besides, rules governing medical waste keep changing so much it might be hard to run a business and still keep up with them. Therefore, the best practice of  handling medical waste would be to hire a medical waste company like us. 

We are well aware of all the best practises to implement when handling medical waste. We will provide you with appropriate medical waste bins to help you seperate your different medical waste according to their hazardous capabilities. For example, sharp bins should only keep the sharp materials such as needles, syringes,finger stick devices, epi pens etc. 

Landfill Diversion Halesowen

At Halesowen waste, we strive to divert all of the waste we collect from ending up in landfills. This is especially critical for medical waste because this kind of waste cannot, under any circumstances end up in landfills or places that do not have a licence to house it. Their potential to cause high risk contamination problems and harm makes disposing of them in landfills disastrous. 

Reusing Medical Waste

Unfortunately, medical waste also cannot be reused. You cannot reuse medical devices such as syringes and bandages in the name of trying to reduce medical waste. However, you don’t have to worry about anything because here at Halesowen Waste know all we need to do to properly manage it. 

The best way of disposing of medical waste is through incineration in a medical waste accepting facility that is also fully licensed and equipped to handle medical waste. The medical waste is then destroyed through  high temperatures. Recyclable medical waste products are sent to what is called an autoclave where they will be sterilized to remove all toxins so they’re no longer hazardous and then begin the recycling process. However, before it is disposed of or sent to recycling facilities, the hazardous waste must first be treated to remove the toxicity and the infections it may harbor.

Others with chemical components are usually disposed of using a chemical reactive method to get rid of it.

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