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Halesowen WEEE Waste Management

We offer cost-effective weee waste management solutions. Our disposal methods are in accordance with the WEEE Directive. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff about all things WEEE waste management, so your business is safe with us. Contact us today on 0121 369 2150.

We understand that WEEE management is one of the most regulated waste streams due to its rapid growth. If you were to break any of these rules and regulations, you’d face heavy fines and imprisonment. As a business, you’re expected to know how to handle the WEEE waste your business produces. Which is why you are required to have a waste company manage your waste. At Waste company, we have all the experience and skills as well as knowledge of how to manage WEEE. No matter your WEEE requirements and needs, Halesowen Waste company has got you covered.

WEEE Description

Weee stands for Waste for Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It is any discarded material that has a plug, runs on batteries or electricity. The rapid demand for electrical equipments and the increased technological growth has caused weee to be one of the most growing waste stream. Because of the disposable mentally we have developed recently, we tend to throw away things we think we don’t need. Say for example, new printing machines come by, we throw away the existing ones even if they’re still in perfectly good condition. 

WEEE waste is considered hazardous because most of the weee items are laced with highly hazardous materials such as mercury. Without any regulations of how we handle weee waste, these materials would be discarded anyhow and as a result, the hazardous metals may leak into the soil and into our groundwater systems and cause contamination. That is why so many countries began setting regulations that govern weee management.

Some businesses are known as primary weee producers because they create tons of weee waste due to the fact that they might be electronics manufacturers. However, even though all businesses have materials that would be weee once discarded, it does not necessarily make your business a primary weee waste producer. But, be that as it may, you still need a weee collection as a business if you work with any types of electronics. At Halesowen Waste, we are your best bet. We are certified to manage all weee waste and will help you abide by the guidelines set in place for weee waste management.

How Do You Dispose of WEEE?

Landfills have become automatic disposal places for a lot of waste that businesses do not know how to properly handle. Most of these items are IT equipment such as computers, printers, and laptops. These items often contain hazardous chemicals and materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc and can cause dire health problems when left in landfills and our landscapes. If your business no longer has use for its equipment, someone else may be able to use them. That is why it is best to consider giving them up for charity or giving them away to someone in need. You can also trade them or sell them.

 However, if they’re broken beyond repair, calling a waste recycling company like us will save you a world of trouble with the law by disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly way.   

Weee items can be dangerous. Under favourable conditions, they can spontaneously explode, they can cause all kinds of illnesses and a plethora of other health and environmental issues.  They need to be handled with care. The only way you can be sure that your weee waste is being disposed of responsibly is by using a waste disposal company that knows what it’s doing such as ours.

Types of Weee

As we have mentioned previously,  WEEE covers everything that operates with an electric current or a battery.They are categorized into different categories such a:

  • Telecommunication equipments such as computers, telephones, copy and fax machines
  • Lighting equipments: Fluorescent tubes and some lamps
  • Household Electrical appliances: Fridge, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, water dispensers.
  • Electronic tools: Drills, sewing machines, electric lawnmowers
  • Monitoring equipments: Smoke detectors, thermostats, air conditioners
  • Automatic dispensers : Coffee makers, ATMs or other money machines
  • Leisure and sports equipments: Gaming consoles, gyming equipments like treadmills etc
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