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Glass Recycling Halesowen

Recycling glass is called closed loop recycling or circular recycling because you can recycle glass over and over without losing its qualities. The energy saved from recycling just one glass bottle is enough to power a computer for 25 minutes. Alternatively it could power a television for 20 minutes or a washing machine for 10 minutes. This is a great way to preserve our resources and here at Halesowen we strive to help businesses make this world a little  bit more greener. Call us today on 0121 369 2150. 

On top of our excellent customer service, we’ll also provide you with free glass recycling bins and deliver them to your premises for free. Not sure what glass you should recycle? Not to worry, our staff is fully trained to provide you with advice about all things glass recycling.

What is Glass Waste?

Glass waste is discarded glass material. It can be found everywhere, not just in business premises. Itc is prominent in our landfills because businesses still do not have good recycling practises in place. We can help your company practise best glass waste management practices including recycling. 

Glass waste is another waste material that is produced in large quantities and is difficult to eliminate. However, unlike all the other waste streams, glass is the only waste material that can be recycled over and over without losing its qualities. However, not all of the glass waste is suitable for the production of new glass.

Glass Recycling Facts Halesowen

Below are some interesting facts about glass waste:

  • Glass that cannot be recycled can be used as a recycled aggregate in concrete and a supplementary cementing material.
  • While it takes 1.2 tonnes of raw materials to make 1 tonne of new glass, it takes just 1 tonne of recycled glass to make the same amount. 
  • Every ton of glass recycled prevents the quarrying of 1.2 tons of raw materials.
  • The energy saved from recycling just one bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes, a colour TV for 20 minutes and a washing machine for 10 minutes.
  • Glass is coloured by natural colourants such as combining iron, sulphur, and carbon.
  • Green Glass is made by adding non-toxic chrome oxide. 
  • Every ton of glass recycled prevents the quarrying of 1.2 tons of raw materials.
  • The beverage industry such as bars, restaurants and pubs currently throw away over 129,000 tonnes of glass every year into landfill.

How is Glass Recycled?

New glass is made from four natural resources: sand, soda ash, limestone and other natural additives for colour or special treatments. Although there is no shortage of these raw materials as yet, they all have to be quarried, using up natural resources and energy for extraction and processing.

During the glass recycling process, the first thing that is going to happen is we will come collect your glass waste from your premises. Then, it will be transported to our recycling centres where it begins the recycling process. At the recycling plants, it will be separated according to its color. Until recently, color separation was carried out manually, but thanks to technology, specially designed laser equipment can sort out glass, faster and more accurately than manual sorting could ever hope for. During this stage, the bottle caps and rings are also removed. 

After this glass will be washed to remove any further impurities. And then the glass waste is crushed into small particles called ‘cullet’. The cullet will then be melted in a furnace and then moulded or blown into new bottles or jars. 

For more information, call Halesowen company. We can help your business help the environment by recycling glass. 

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