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The market town of Kidderminster is located in Worcestershire, England, approximately 27 kilometers south of Birmingham and 24 kilometers north of Worcester. In the 2011 census, it had an estimated population of 55,530. It is located east of the River Severn and north of the River Stour. Kidderminster’s early growth was fueled by the cloth industry, which made it easy to travel to Birmingham, Dudley, Worcester, Bewdley, and Bridgnorth since the town was located at the intersection of four major roads. As the town expanded, it became a hub for textile industries such as weaving, fulling, sewing and milling, but it also housed numerous others such as shoemakers, haberdashers, saddle makers, dyers, tailors, tanners and glove makers.

The town is located along several major routes, including the A456 that runs from Birmingham to just south of Woofferton, Shropshire. There are three shopping centres and a retail park, as well as numerous pubs, restaurants, and cafes, and a twice weekly outdoor market. Halesowen Waste Management provides waste collection and recycling in Kidderminster and surrounding areas. At Halesowen Waste Management, we are here to help businesses and organisations in this corner of the district simplify their waste processes without hassle at highly competitive prices. We are certain we have what you’re looking for so please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact number is 0121 369 2150.

Commercial Waste Collection Kidderminster

Reliability and transparency are the cornerstones of everything we do for our Kidderminster-based businesses. You can rely on us to manage your waste management efforts efficiently as we maintain regular waste collections. Alternatively, businesses that are concerned about their carbon footprint can also benefit from highly professional waste collection services. Besides making Kidderminster’s infrastructure easier, the town’s ring road has also improved access to the town centre, which has increased potential footfall for local businesses. Kidderminster’s road network also allows waste management services to collect commercial waste easily, since it is easily connected to the M6 and M5.

The growing population has put Kidderminster at risk of a waste problem. At Halesowen Waste Management can help you create a simple yet sophisticated waste management strategy for your business, which will allow you to save time and resources for your business by collecting, managing, and disposing of commercial waste. As a business, you’re bound to have an environmental footprint, but the best thing you have to do is to reduce its levels. Count on us to help keep business parks, streets and schools clutter-free, while also helping your business to become more environmentally sustainable; all at cost effective prices. Let us help! When waste is not collected, sorted, and disposed of properly, they can end up in landfills or fly tipped. Animals – both on land and in the ocean – are also likely to suffer from our degraded physical environment due to improper waste collections and disposal.

Commercial Waste Disposal Kidderminster

Recycling as much of your commercial waste as you can is the best way to control it. Your business will also benefit from recycling, since it costs much less than to dispose of waste in a landfill. Having bins within your establishment for recyclable materials, such as plastic, paper, and cardboard, is a great idea. Recycling is important, but reusing some of your waste can too reduce your carbon footprint and avoid landfills. Annually, the UK produces around 100 million tonnes of waste, and this number is rising by around 3% each year. The need to minimise the impact of waste disposal on the environment coupled with limited resources and land make it more important than ever for businesses to handle waste disposal correctly.

To safely store your waste before collection for disposal, you will need a variety of bins, depending on how much and what type of waste you produce. Moreover, your bin must be covered to comply with the Environment Protection Act. We perform a full audit of your waste before recommending the best bins for managing your waste. We offer this for free as part of our services. Additionally, we will provide you with information on when and how your waste should be collected or transported for disposal. We offer professional local services with quotes available within an hour for your business! We are one of the nation’s most highly rated waste management and disposal companies. For residents, these following recycling centres deal with their waste:

Stourport-on-Severn Household Recycling Centre

Minster Road,


DY13 8AS

Kidderminster Household Recycling Centre

Worcester Road ,



DY10 1LB

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